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KBar Kids welcomes you to our Nigerian Dwarf dairy goat ranch in Wellington, Colorado.  We currently have a herd of 25 Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats.  All our kids are bottle fed resulting in a very friendly and personable dairy goat.  We feel that Nigerian Dwarf's are an excellent choice for dairy goats as they have all the characteristics of the larger breeds albeit in miniature. Nigerian Dwarfs come in a wide array of coat colors and patterns, some with blue eyes and/or polled, making them quite aesthetically pleasing. Our primary goal is to raise Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats that are structurally correct with outstanding mammary systems that will stand the test of time.


A real dairy goat in a smaller package


  • Adult does and bucks are much easier to handle than standard sized goats
  • Wonder about the unique names we have given our goats? They are all types of rocks. We have a rock book with loads of names in it. No real reason that we picked the rock theme but they sure do have unique names!


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824 E CR 82, Wellington, CO 80549, US

(970) 222-9469 (call or text)