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Below is a listing of our Nigerian Dwarf Goats for sale. We are livestock dealers with adult does, adult bucks, and nigerian dwarf kids with Champion bloodlines for sale. We bottle feed and socialize all of our kids which make them very, very friendly. If you sit on the ground they will climb all over you. Nigerian Dwarf goats are herd animals so will need a "friend" which is usually another Nigerian Dwarf goat of similar size/age.  Let us know what you are looking for, choose one we have or place a deposit on upcoming kiddings.

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Kid Goats For Sale


A doe Nigerian Dwarf kid that is available for sale.

Price: $350

Date of Birth: 4/12/2019


Dam: CH KIds Kbar Ribeckite

Tephorite's Kids


Price $250 doe other are sold

Date of Birth: 4/19/2019


Dam: Kids KBar Tephorite

A bunch of beautiful calico.

2 wethers, 2 does

Pick your favorite color

collection of Nigerian dwarf kids for sale

Price $250 & up for doe kids

Price $75 for wethers

all are bottle fed, disbudded and super friendly. available now if you can feed 3x a day for 1 month, 2x a day for next month and 1x a day for 3rd month.

Providence -BUCK

Buck Nigerian dwarf kid for sale

This strong buck kid is out of Nickoline (our SGCH superior genetics grand champ with a milking star) and Franklinite (son of another of our Champion does with a milking star). Price is $400. The one to improve your herd!

Adult Goats For Sale



Price: $250  now milking

Kids KBar Tephorite

Date of Birth: 4/2012

LA: 87 V V V V

Sire: Heaven's Hollow Nutty Bar

Dam: CH Rosasharn TL Guija 

Color: calico

Show record: 1 Best of Show Jr.

1 Res. Champ



Price $350 now milking

CH Rosasharn TL Guija

Date of Birth: 2/2008

Sire: AGS Rosasharn's Tiger L ++B

Dam: AGS Rosasharn'd Guadalupe Moleda 2+M

Color: calico

Show record: 1 Best of Breed

3 Gr. Champ Sr., 1 Gr. Champ Jr.

1 Res. Champ



Price $350

Buttin' Heads Leucon

Date of Birth: 3/2012

LA: 86 V V E

Sire: Buttin' Heads Containerised

Dam: GCH Buttin Heads Ambrosha 1*M

Color: chamoise

Show record: 1 Gr Champ Jr,

 1 Res. Champ 

Adult Goats For Sale



For Sale $200 in milk

Kids Kbar Talc

Date of Birth: 3/2013

LA: 86 V V V V

Sire: Buttin' Heads Leucon

Dam: CH Rosasharn TL Guija

color: brown & white buckskin




Kids Kbar Monozonite
Date of Birth: 4/2016
LA: 83 V V V +
Sire: Buttin' Heads Leucon
Dam: CH KIds Kbar Ribeckite
Color: tri color Very Flashy
Show record: 2 Res. Champ
1 Gr. Champ Sr, 1 Best of Show



For Sale $350 in milk

CHAMPION KIds Kbar Ribeckite
Date of Birth: 5/2012
LA: 87 V V V V
Sire: Kids Kbar Rocky
Dam: CH Kids Kbar Diamond
Color: clack & cream
Show record: 1 Best of Show Jr.
2 Gr. Champ Sr., 3 Res. Champ
1 Best Udder




For Sale $250

Kids Kbar Rhyolite

Date of Birth: 4/2016

LA: 85 V V V V

Sire: Tall & Small DP Don't Wannabrag

Dam: SGCH Kids Kbar Nickeline 1*M

coloring: black with white spots on crown

Show Record: 1 Res. Champ Jr.


Feldspar a senior doe Nigerian Dwarf goat who is for sale


Sale $300 pregnant due 5/21

Kids Kbar Feldspar
Date of Birth: 3/2015
LA: 84 V V V +
Sire: Buttin' Heads Leucon
Dam: Kids Kbar Kaolinite
Color: black with white spots
Show record: 1 Gr. Champ Jr.


Arkose a yearling doe that is for sale.

 For Sale $250

Kids Kbar Arkose 

Date of Birth: 3/27/2018

 Sire: Kids Kbar Franklinite 

Dam: SGCH Lids Kbar Nickeline 1*M 

Color: brown & tan buckskin

A friendly little yearling.